Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is known for being a martial art and excellent aerobic exercise, but it is also competitive Olympic sport and a practical system of self-defense.  Students can expect to benefit from a wide range of mental and physical characteristics by making the teachings of Taekwondo a regular part of their lives.  Taekwondo emphasizes moral development as well and children can learn respect for themselves and others.  Children and adult students can expect to gain heightened concentration, increased self-discipline and self-control, and strength and muscle tone.

Farrell's U.S. Martial Arts provides quality instruction and service with a view toward the overall health and well-being of every student. Our philosophy ensures that learning will take place in a safe, nurturing environment. We care about our students, families, and staff, and we provide a supportive environment for learning and personal growth.

Through Taekwondo training a student can expect benefit in the following:

  • Self discipline
  • Ability to focus
  • Improved flexibility and coordination
  • Self defense skills
  • Increased respect for self and others
  • Leadership skills
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Stress management

Family-Orientated Martial Arts Instruction
Respect, trust and open communication are the foundations of strong families. Taekwondo training promotes values such as honesty, courtesy, loyalty, and cooperation. Each is an essential component in maintaining a good family structure.

It is one of the most beautiful things in the world to watch parents and children training side by side. Parents glow at their children's accomplishments like the execution of a good side kick, or the breaking of their first board. The greater satisfaction, however, comes the bond of love, friendship, understanding and respect that develops between parent and child. Both parents and children share in each others hardships and accomplishments. Parents feel younger, healthier, and greatly fulfilled, and their children become more mature, confident, and well-behaved.

How can your child benefit from Taekwondo?
Taekwondo is a total learning activity. Lessons are tailored to your child's age and skill level. Your child begins by practicing basic patterns and forms, board breaking, kicking, blocking, striking, and punching. These fundamental skills increase your child's physical coordination, flexibility, balance, and mental acumen.  Taekwondo develops your child's athletic abilities and self-awareness, and improves the child's capabilities in self-defense.

Improved Self-Discipline & Self-Esteem
Taekwondo emphasizes moral development as well as physical. Children learn respect for themselves and others, heightened concentration, and increased self-discipline and self-restraint. The self-discipline that develops as a result of learning and practicing the techniques usually carries over into other areas of the child's life. School grades often improve as your child learns to focus on objectives and to work toward achievement. The self-discipline and self-respect which Taekwondo develops can provide you and your child with the skills and mindset necessary to resist peer pressure, success in school or at work, and improve the quality of your lives.

Benefits for Adults
Our adult programs help you develop and maintain a sound body and mind, and increase your abilities at self-defense. Taekwondo strengthens your body and improves your health through physical exercise and conditioning. Isometric and dynamic tension exercises will allow you to gain better muscle tone and more strength. A gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques will enhance flexibility, while breathing and concentration exercises lead to sharper reflexes and senses.

The discipline of Taekwondo leads to increase energy, better health and fitness, greater coordination, and higher self-esteem. These qualities are vital to a happier, longer life.  Bring out the positive qualities that have always been part of you! Develop patience, confidence, self-discipline, inner calm, and a consistently positive mental attitude. Overcome fear, self-doubt, anger, jealousy, laziness, and bad habits. It takes serious, dedicated training, and most of all, it takes the right program.

Confidence & Self-Defense
Farrell's U.S. Martial Arts programs help you recognize and handle situations in which self-defense may be required. Using our completely integrated system, you can learn the techniques you need to defend yourself intelligently in threatening situations. What you learn could prevent you from becoming a victim. Learn to defend yourself through rigorous, comprehensive training. Develop your endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance along with your self-defense techniques.
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